Maybe it feels like being born.  I’m hanging, listless, with only the sound of my heart in my ears, beating with an arrythmia that offers little comfort in this complete absence. My eyes open and the void remains. Impenetrable darkness. I fancy I see my hands as I bring them in front of my face, … Read moreCarnivalis

That Incel, Burns

Bow-hough’d, hein-shin’d, that incel Burns on Cheeto’d sheets lays wheezing, prostrate, red faced virgin, dour and din consumed in rabbish web debate. His room awash in resin figures, forbye a pillow shap’d of a maid, the tarnish’d pine o’ brittle shelves with unboxed Funko Pops display’d. His forays into Ceithir-Chan have wrought philos’phie, iron cast: … Read moreThat Incel, Burns

Blair Witch

Part of Microsoft’s ongoing Game Pass experiment, Blair Witch released on PC and Xbox One a couple of days ago to the delight and surprise of many. The Blair Witch franchise is hardly the snuggest fit for a videogame, with a heavy emphasis on fruitless woodland-stomping and the power of suggestion. You have your setting … Read moreBlair Witch

The Slights

We landed in Marrakesh on Thursday evening, and after a brief stop at customs and a knuckle-whitening taxi ride found ourselves at the hotel: a four-star riad in the center of the old city. The room was overly spacious. All mosaic, arched doorways and blackout curtains. On the bed a single rose had been placed, … Read moreThe Slights

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds. Its been out for about a month. No, you’re thinking of that other game, Outer Worlds, which isn’t out yet. From screenshots and video you’d be inclined to think this is something in the vein of a No Man’s Sky. Massive, craft-y, procedural. The sort of game where you accumulate x of this … Read moreOuter Wilds